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Fencing project - after photo - Cooper Landscapes

Fencing Services, Trellis, and Decking

We have a variety of fences, trellises, and decking that will give your garden security and style.

​We specialise in traditional strong close board fencing of all heights, from big to small, with or without a trellis on top.

All hand-built on site to your specifications. We also do front and side picket fences for that softer look.

We have got lots of different sizes of trellis panels. With the larger panels you can make your boundaries taller for extra privacy.

It doesn't matter if your garden project is big or small, we treat every project with the same care and attention.

We will help you choose the right options to suit your garden.

It's not just about fences and trellises. We offer a gate hanging service to make garden entrance look amazing.

Here's overview of what we offer:

  • Wooden fences: Classic and timeless, making your garden look rustic or modern.

  • Close board fencing: Strong and tough, great for keeping things private and safe.

  • Trellises: Add some style and privacy to your garden.

  • Building garden walls: Making strong walls that look good and show your space.

  • Brickwork: Adding class to your garden's style.

  • Garden gates: A grand entrance that matches your style.

Your garden deserves the best! What's holding you back? Let’s turn your outdoor space into a masterpiece.

We don't just offer fencing, trellises, and garden gates. We also offer garden decking – modern solutions that can make your garden the talk of the town.

Got questions? Need an estimate? Ready to start your garden transformation journey?

Reach out to us! We're here and excited to make your outdoor dreams a reality. 

Fencing project - before photo
Fencing project - after photo
Cooper Landscapes - Trellis

Need a fencing or trellis? Old decking looking worse for wear?

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